How to deal with oily hair

Let’s get this straight; having oily hair is fun for no one!

That’s why I decided to make this little tutorial on how to get rid of that extra oil from your hair once and for all. And I’m not talking some fancy and pricey products either! I’m all about natural ways of keeping yourself healthy as far as Mother Nature Allows us. I don’t like modern beauty products, as they prevailingly contain chemicals that do as far more damage than good. Natural replacements are what I’m teaching you to apply here. I have been writing extensively about all those different and dangerous chemicals you can find in beauty products of today, and once we know that, the only reasonable alternative is turning ourselves back to nature for help. And Nature will provide us with plenty.

How to deal with oily hair

This article is intended to be a shorter guide that will only shortly address some of the remedies for your sticky condition, and give you some useful tips along the way. If you want to see a deeper analysis of this matter, you can always go on and read some of my articles here, which will tell you in far greater detail the same things that I’m talking about here. Information is everything when it comes to pretty much anything, and hair care is no exception. The more you know the better care you will be able to provide to your mane. Let me just start being a bit technical here, when we’re talking about greasy hair, the main thing we want to have in minds is our PH balance. We need it to be just right in order for us to get the scalp and hair of our dreams. If PH balance is disrupted somehow, it will most likely result in excess oils and, therefore your hair will be greasy. There’s a great number of natural ingredients that can do that for you, and I’m about to share a few with you in the course of this article.

oily hairSo, now that we got that introductory part out of the way, we can focus on something more meaningful, the thing that we’re all here for. Let me officially begin with this short guide. Here comes some useful info!

The first way of keeping that pesky extra grease out of your hair is by using nothing other than a simply everyday lemon. Well, lemon juice to be exact. If I had a nickel for every time lemon came up in one of my articles. They really are amazing, and have so many benefits for our health it’s not even funny. Our hair differs in no way, and it too benefits greatly from lemon juice. This juice has a whole myriad of positive effects when we drink it, whether we take it in the form of lemonade or some other way, but it can also greatly benefit us even when used on the outside. It created an acidic environment, which greatly benefits our scalp, and balances out our PH value. You should simply use it for rinsing. It’s very simple; let me tell you all about it. You just start off by washing your hair the way you regularly do. You’ll still use your favorite shampoo and all. The only difference is that you will rinse your hair afterwards with some lemon juice, and yes, that makes all the difference. You will need three fresh lemons, just squeeze the juice out of them and mix it up with a quarter of water. Now you have your rinsing stuff ready to go.

Ways of adding some volume to your straight hair

Straight hair is considered to be something of a true blessing in hairstyling circles. It is a blank canvas that’s suitable for all sorts of different styles and it seem they can all be pulled off pretty successfully on it.

But everything bores people eventually, and we end up craving for a spark of change once in a while. Then we start thinking about all the different possibilities, and our head starts spinning once we realize how many exactly are there. We’re mostly afraid to do something new most often than not, so I’m here to give you a simple change of look, which won’t stray too far away from your comfort zone. I’ll just give you a few tips on how to add some volume to your straight hair, a bit of body to it, and that’s it. You’ll have a beautiful hair still, which is different, but not all that different as to warrant any fear of it.

straight hair

If you’re interested, stay with me ‘till the end of this short article, and I’ll do my best to teach you how to make you hair into something that’s not terribly new, but just new enough.

By the way, everything I’m about to suggest will be very easy to do, and it won’t take up much of your time. I really believe in quick actions when it comes to hairstyling, and I consider quick yet beautiful hairstyles to be truly a work of art.

How can we add some volume to your straight hair?

Solid products are your first step when it comes to volumizing your hair. It will open up a whole new horizon of possibilities for your hair, and it will leave you stupefied at how easy the whole process really is. Instead of volumizing shampoo, you can also use volumizing hairsprays or mousse.

straight hair2The most important thing here, besides choosing a good quality product is to pick one that’s as lightweight as possible. Some of the volumizing products might claim they’ll add a ton of hair volume, but they’re still too heavy once put on, adding additional weight to your hair, thus making it even flatter by pulling it downwards.

If you have some additional time to burn, you can braid your hair just before you start blow drying it. This is a procedure that will add a bunch of volume, and create nice looking waves along the way. If you’re into looser types of waves, you’ll make bigger braids. If you want tighter curls, however go ahead and make smaller braids.

Use your towel to dry your hair as much as possible before you reach for your blow drier. You will reduce the amount of heat you’ll dish out towards your hair, and that’ll make her much more bouncy than usual.

You might also want to tease your hair a bit. This is a great way to add a lot of volume to it. You’ll just need a teasing comb and you’re ready to start. Once you have it, just use it to brush your hair’s underside downwards. Once this is completely done, simply comb all of the sections into their place carefully.

Those would be my quick suggestions on how to add some volume to straight hair. Have fun

How to choose an eyeliner

How to choose an eyelinerWelcome to my short and quick tutorial on how to choose an eyeliner. If we end up with some words to spare I’ll even include some useful tips on how to apply it, once you’ve chosen you preferred brand, type, color, and whatnot.

Eyeliner is simply an amazing tool if you want to reshape or accentuate your eyes. I’ll give you that nice, framed look, and correct any small irregularity you might think you have when it comes to your eyes. It’s a wonder tool, to be exact, and most of us simply can’t imagine our daily routine going anywhere without it. That’s why I think this is one of the most important tutorials I’ve ever written, so I’ll give my best to make it totally worth your while.

There are so many things you can do with a simple eyeliner, so many styles you can try, that is simply defies reason. You can follow the shape of your eyes faithfully, or you can be much more daring than that, and go for some cat eyes, giving your eyes much more of an intense impact.

When you finally become a mater at this technique, you can start playing a bit and being creative, adjusting your eyeliner to fit your different occasions and moods. The eyeliner itself can change the complete outlook of your make up, even if there’s nothing different except the way you drew it around your eyes. That’s how important and impactful it really is.

So, listen very carefully, I’ll say this only once

Choosing the right one

We’re still talking about eyeliners though. This hasn’t turn into a relationships section all of a sudden.

There are several different types of eyeliners out there, and you’ll have to know them all primarily, and then decide which one is the best type for you. All I can do is present them to you, tell you a bit about them all, and leave the final decision up to you. The reason I can’t help you more is because I don’t know your specific skin type, eye color and shape, and all the other important factors, which will influence my final decision. But I’ll give you enough information for you to be able to decide for yourself. And finally, there is no greater feeling of satisfaction then choosing a perfect make up product for yourself. It’ll really fill you with that awesome feeling of accomplishment.

How to choose an eyeliner2

Ok, so here they are:

  • Pencil type – It’ll offer you some soft, naturally blending lines as far as finish is concerned. So, if you want your eyeshadow and eyeliner to blend a bit more naturally, this is the perfect type for you. It’s also a great start for the beginners, who are not yet quite comfortable with other types of eyeliners
  • Liquid type – It will offer you a finish with some clear lines, featuring the possibilities of reshaping your eyes. It’s a perfect choice for users that are a bit advanced with their technique, and not completely satisfied with the overall shape of their eyes. It’s great for drawing of delicate lines with clear and delicate contours
  • Gel type – The finish is manifested in the form of clear lines with subtle gradation and good coloration. It will offer you a long lasting and completely smudge-free make up, and it’ll also provide you with a perfect control over the thickness of your lines. It is generally a perfect tool, and it provides you with the biggest arsenal of options if you ask me

Hope I helped, see you around.

How to straighten your hair permanently

So, you’ve had it with your curly hair making your life miserable?

I know you probably think how blessed are the people with straight hair, envying them a lot along the way. Well, good news is I’m here to give you all the possible ways to get your hair bone straight in no time. Put that razor away, there will be no need for anything drastic here, we have a solution.

Straight hair really is the best thing that can happen to you, hair wise, and it’s no wonder a bunch of hairstylists praise the hell out of it, and btw most of them use a Paul Mitchell straightener. It’s the best hair type to work with, as it takes all hairstyles well, and it’s simply a blank canvas you can paint on whatever your imagination brings forth in that particular moment. I’m about to give you all the ways to join that club, and have the hair you’ve always dreamt of.

How to straighten your hair permanently

As this is intended to be a very short and basic article, I won’t be able to give you an in-depth look at these methods, but you’ll get a pretty good picture about the whole matter none the less. If I get you interested in this subject, I’m sure we’ll have an appropriate article lying around here somewhere to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. You’ll just have to do a little digging that’s all.

Let’s waste no more time and start giving you some real information regarding all the known and proven methods to straighten your rebellious hair once and for all.

I’ll just have to mention that none of this methods last forever, so you’ll have to do it all over again after a couple of months or so, depending on the method you choose.

Let’s get that hair straight right now!

Let’s go over the three known methods for getting a straight hair:

  • At your own home using a kit – This is by far the cheapest method of the three. All you need is a hair straightening kit and some time to kill. You’ll also need a hair relaxer, which can be bought pretty much anywhere, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but be sure to pick a good one since it’s the bread and butter of this whole operation. You should wear protective gear at all times since you’ll need to protect your clothes, hands, and skin while handling the product. Mix it all together and be sure to apply some vaseline to your neck for protection. Do a quick strand test, set the timer, and start with the application. Hold it on your hair for a specified amount of time, and straighten your hair afterwards with a fine comb. Rinse the chemicals, shampoo your hair, and rinse it again. You can style your hair afterwards as you normally would
  • Brazilian Hair straightening – This method is pretty much out of your hands since you’ll have to go to a professional hairstylist in order to get it. It’s pretty expensive, but it’ll keep your hair straight for a period of about 2-3 months. Just make sure you pick a professional who knows what he’s doing
  • Thermal reconditioning – This method is also known as a Japanese hair straightening. Learn all there is about it and pick a proven professional. Both this and Brazilian method can cause a lot of damage if done incorrectly, so your number one priority is to get your hair in the hands of someone who’s doing this for a long time. The best option is to find a stylist who’s specializing in one of these two methods, just to be sure the results would be what they should.

How to scrunch straight hair the right way

Got bored with your straight and beautiful, but plain-looking straight hair? Well, this might cheer you up. I’m here today with a full tutorial on how to scrunch your straight hair perfectly. You’ll get that wavy, wet look in no time if you just follow a few quick steps I’m about to give you.

I’ll also list out all the requirements, meaning the products and tools you’ll need in order to pull this look off. It’ll maybe take a bit of time and practice, but it’ll be totally worth it once you stand in front of the mirror, unable to recognize your own hair. It’s the best feeling in the world since we girls enjoy changes so much, plus you’ll also be ecstatic once it reaches your brain that you did it all by yourself, without any help from a professional hairstylist. No money will be unnecessarily spent also, except for the products I’m about to list out, but you probably already have them in your bathroom, so no money wasted there.

Let’s waste no time either, and let’s get to work as quickly as possible.

How to scrunch straight hair

Full tutorial coming right up!

Here’s the complete guide on what to do if you’re in the mood of scrunching your straight hair.

You’ll start by washing your hair. There are special shampoos made for hair that’s about to get curled, so if you can it’ll be a good idea to get one of those. Also use the conditioner, but only at the hairs ends though. The conditioner is a great thing for moisturizing your hair, but it’ll weigh her down, and the styling will be made much more difficult to do.

Dry your hair using a towel. Just flip your head downwards and squeeze out the water from your hair. Don’t rub it though. It’ll make your hair’s shaft all frizzy, which will compromise the sleek, wavy look you’re trying to get

Put the mousse the size of a golf ball on your hair next. Start by putting it on your palm and rub it gently between your hands before applying it to your hair. Massage it into the sections of your hair, giving it time and opportunity to absorb the product and get some shape.

Next step will require a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer. Gather one section of your hair and put it into the cup while you’re turning it on. Be sure not to move the diffuser around at all since that’ll have a straightening effect on your hair. Just hold it in place, and it’ll do all the work for you while it’s drying your hair nicely. Do this with all of the hair until it’s completely dry.

You’ll want some extra hold, so scrunching a bit more gel or mousse into your hair would certainly be a good idea. Curling iron with a large barrel will come to your aid if you’re not satisfied with the overall look at this point. That’s to say if your hair still looks much more straight than wavy.

Flexible holding spray is your finishing move.

What do you need for this look?

How to scrunch straight hair2You already pretty much know from the tutorial, but let’s list it out none the less:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Gel or mousse
  • Curling iron
  • Blow dryer with a diffuser attachment
  • Hair spray

Main qualities of a good hair straightener?

Buying a good hair straightener that will suit your every need can be somewhat tricky. That’s why I’m here, to show you what to look for and give you a nudge in the right direction.

We will be going over some of the qualities you need to be on a lookout for once you hit the stores, and you’ll learn a bit about hair straighteners too along the way. I’ll make it as easy to understand as possible, I promise.

What will we be talking about?

We’ll divide out hair iron information into several sections. It will make the whole article easier to read, and it’s just nicer when you have it all listed out separately.

So, let’s see what sections we are talking about here exactly:

  • Firstly, we’ll go over the plates, which are pretty much the backbone of every hair straightener. Everything else can be totally perfect, if your plates are no good your results will be far from what you desire
  • Then we’ll go over some of the frequent features found in hair straighteners, so you can pick your picks out of the bunch. The amount of features you want will also impact the price of your new hair straightener

I think this is pretty much everything you’ll ever going to need in order to feel completely confident once you decide to go shopping. You’ll be fully armed with all the necessary information, and I’m convinced you’ll make the right choice.

Now that we know exactly what waiting up ahead we can get to some actual work. So, let’s dive into this together.

Plates, the backbone of your new hair straightener

There are various types of plates found in hair straighteners of today, and they’re made to fit almost every hair type out there, but also every budget.

They are by far the most important thing to look for and be well informed. They are the only part of hair iron that will directly contact your hair after all.

So, let’s see what the different kinds of plates are:

  • Ceramic coated – They heat up pretty quickly but might not be the best choice if you’re all about heat retention
  • Solid ceramic – This is by far the most popular kind of plates out there. They are relatively cheap, yet they get the job done with flying colors. They heat up pretty fast, retain constant temperature, and distribute heat evenly across the whole plate
  • Ceramic/Teflon coated – This type is exclusive to products coming from Remington. They’re very easy to clean, and will ensure a very low level of friction between the plates and your hair. They are also great at preventing the build-up of your hair styling products
  • Tourmaline – Tourmaline is a gemstone. Negative ions are generated by the plates, locking in moisture, and preventing the frizz-causing static. It gives the hair high level of shine also
  • Titanium – Very strong yet lightweight. It will heat up amazingly quickly and spread that heat evenly

These are the most common types of hair iron plates, and it is most likely that your shopping spree will lead you to one of them. You budget, hair type, and specific needs will have the final word though.

Glass plates deserve an honorable mention also, but they are way too fragile, and tend to break if handled aggressively or dropped.

All those different features

Let’s go over some of the most important features that will make or break your hair straightening experience:

  • Heat up time – It’s simply the time that it takes for your hair iron to get to the desired operating temperature
  • Temperature – The higher the temperature, the better the results. Provided that your hair is not too delicate
  • Auto shut-off – Pretty self-explanatory
  • Worldwide voltage – Useful if you travel a lot
  • Ionic straightening – Mentioned in tourmaline plates section
  • Flash quick heating – Fast boost of heat
  • Swivel cord – Prevents the cord from tangling
  • Far infrared heat – Heats the hair from the inside, avoiding damage


This would be your basic hair straighteners knowledge put into as few words as possible. I hope I helped, and happy shopping.



whats a good hair straightener

whats a good hair straightener

Common Myths about Hair Straightening!

Every time a personal grooming trend becomes popular, especially something that is achieved by a synthetic or a mechanical product then certain myths related to that practice tends to become common knowledge and people start treating them as facts. One of such common trends nowadays that are popular among women worldwide is the practice of hair straightening. In this article, I am going to identify and debunk some of the most common myths about the said practice and the equipment that makes it possible:

Hair straighteners can only straighten your hair:

As the name suggests, the most common application of hair straighteners is to straighten one’s hair. However, most modern straighteners can do a lot more than that, like create waves and ironically enough can also create curls.

Hair straightening can cause itchy scalp:

This myth does have some vestige of truth behind it. Most hair straighteners have an aluminum heating plate that is covered by a ceramic lacquer which evenly distributes the heat and prevents your hair from being burnt. However, you should never go cheap while purchasing a straightener because cheaper straighteners tend to be more poorly made where the protective ceramic coating starts wearing off during the straightening process and your scalp may then have an irritable reaction to the falling flakes. However, if you go with a reputed product then you should be perfectly fine.

Hair straightening can lead to hair loss:

People who believe this clearly do not understand how hair straightening works. In hair straightening, you are modifying the texture of your hair with heat. You are not touching your scalp or your hair follicles. So can a process make you lose hair, without interacting with its root? Obviously not!

Using heat on your hair equates to damage:

The human hair can withstand temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Centigrade) before it gets damaged. That is a lot of heat! Unless you have a narcoleptic attack while you are straightening your hair, you should be perfectly fine!

Hair grows longer and healthier without heat:

There is no evidence, empirical or otherwise proving or disproving this claim. Although using heat will not specifically help you grow your hair but there isn’t anything that suggests that the heat from hair straighteners specifically hamper hair growth.

If overdone, anything under the sun can have an adverse effect. However I hope to have made it clear that most of the myths surrounding hair straighteners are utter nonsense and if used properly the only thing it can do to you is help you get the look you’ve always wanted!